Access Mac disks

Reading Mac disks and changing permissions

I have 2 dead MacBook from 2007 and want to access the hard disks

When in external drives using Linux mint I can open the drives and see files folders etc but the user data says they are locked and I do not have permission to open or read them

No longer have access to working Mac and cannot get my Linux machine to boot from either disk

Any useful tools to change permissions and gain access

Looked at terminal and too complex to follow

Apple repair shop quote silly money just to do a quote for the work before they do it and then they say may not be able to access files even after I pay

I am using Linux mint 17, 18 or 19 … too many machines in my workshop

I repair computers and normally replace windows and Mac with Linux but this one is on none working machines so need access to the files to move my client to Linux

Check out this.

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Thanks been there and tried that
Can mount no problem and read top level it’s the stuff inside I need and there are 1000 plus photos so difficult

Looking at windows and software tool transmac or similar

What do you mean


Because if it is read/write, then you can access any level.

I can open the disk and see the structure
But some folders such as users is grey with a cross top right
When I try to open just get the message about permission and will not open
Tried right click properties and the section for properties is grey and marked you do not have permission
If I try the same with another for example bin no problems or difficulties
Just users
Want the photos and docs mainly others are just to scrap
Thanks for any ideas …

You could try this - there is a free version (scroll down to find it). Works only up to kernel 4.12x

Thanks for the info
In the end I used a windows machine with a Mac mount
Only to find the folders were empty
So went back to Linux on the second and 3 disks from the Mac and Linux read them fine
Think it was a issue with the first disk I tried
Very much appreciate the research and offers members made