Actually different GNU/Linux distributions

I usually yawn, when people “switch” from Ubuntu to another Ubuntu flavor. It’s also nothing special to switch from Ubuntu to e.g. Mint. Ubuntu to Debian, is not a big deal either.

The point is, if you switch from Green Apple to Blue Apple or Big Apple, then you are not doing much of a change.

If you truly want a switch that makes the word worth using, you should try independent Linux distributions, that are not based on either Ubuntu or Debian. Even Arch based distributions have become more mainstream, now.

I personally recommend the first one in the list: NixOS.

Once you understand what it is for and how it works, and realising you always needed/wanted a Linux distribution like that, you will get to love it. It’s a Linux Pro’s dream to have such extreme reproducability on OS level.


Haven’t tried NixOS. but I have used Mageia and PCLinuxOS, and both are fine distros,
only different. I still run Gentoo, and have ran Redcore, Sabayon, and exGent.

An excellent set of distributions that can be used on an ad-hoc basis.

If you want to have software “made for your device” eg. debloat, like if you don’t want Intel or NVIDIA stuff lying on on your AMD machine, etc., you should try one of them. I think my next try would be Gentoo, maybe because I like its Neofetch logo! Void and others, they seem little farther for me as of now…

Nice article!