Another time Google is screwing you over, this time through Google Chrome's incognito mode

As I was watching the usual Tech News video, I got to know that Google has made another effort to screw over its users.

Apparently, Google Chrome still collects data as usual during “Incognito Mode” of Google Chrome.

Of course, this is theoretically still in question and hypothetically it ain’t proven yet, however, I am sure we all know how this will play out…

Do not use Google products, if possible!


To be fair, that part isn’t just a Google Chrome problem. It’s actually true of all browsers, like Microsoft Edge as it’s based on chromium, Firefox, safari are just as guilty even With the same option. With Google, the issue is just more obvious since it’s not only the one tracking what you do, it’s also the company that makes the browser the vast majority of people use–including those who thought they were getting a little privacy

Apart from using tor any suggestion ?
The other search engines may not track the same but you still need the browser element

I’m afraid that’s the best advice after all. I prefer Firefox over any other browser. But if you need to use Google Chrome for some reason, try out the EFF Privacy Badger extension. It’s quite effective and shows you what has been blocked. You will be surprised.

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The “Incognito Mode” of a browser is just a way to ‘forget’ about the sites you visited, but it has nothing to do with preventing tracking. It’s not the browser that’s guilty, the sites you visit are, just by using normal browser javascript functionality.

Just got a new App for my Android Phone that work wants us to use. The problem with any App you use on an Android or iPhone from Google is full of Legal spyware, right down to the App needing to know your contacts on your phone and access to your camera. Incognito mode in Google is not Incognito at all, because it already has everywhere you’ve been, what apps you use, what toilet roll brand and how many pieces you use. Even if you delete your history, Google still reminds of you of stuff, you’ve done in the past. Everyone especially mobile phones is being constantly spied on. You can blame computer hackers, terrorists and the like for everything being so Big Brother these days. You can’t tell me that it is just for selling ads? They know where you are at all times, where you live if you are stupid enough to have GPS turned on, on your phone.

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Yep Websites have Google scripts in them too, which actively report back to Google. Google are meant to be getting rid of third party cookies and replacing them, with pretty much the same. The Internet has become slower and slower over the years with all the telemetry crap hogging bandwidth and the likes of Broadband tariffs not actually giving people the right speeds, though a lot of the time it is luck of the draw of how far away you live from the exchange. Even with a VPN Google can still track you. Not only that but even with the times we are all living in now, the world is still over populated, which is another reason of the Internet slowing down. There will be a time when it will go bang and the Internet will no longer be a thing to use. Out with the board games for families to play, everyone with the Facebook itch, who sweat and shake whilst wondering why their so called friend has not answered them within five seconds won’t know what to do?

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I’ll try my best. To be honest, I’m viewing It’s FOSS Community (alone) in Google Chrome… I’ll try switching :slight_smile:

then thinking about stop using, as long as they have included analytics scripts on every the loginpage mainpage, if you are using this alternate facebook google logins,you’ll be trapped anyways. :slight_smile: that’s consequent sarcastic, ha!

This incognito mode doesn’t store our history on pur device but that doesn’t mean you’re anonymous on internet .
For that purposes you’ll have to use VPN