Anyone have good experiences getting LinuxBoot/TianoCore/coreboot with Gigabyte x399 boards?

I’ve got a Gigabyte X399 Aorus Xtreme. The firmware with it is fine, I guess, but if I can replace it with a foss equivalent, idk why it wouldn’t be worth it to give it a try. I’d at least like to know what the end experience is like before I start chasing down the goal of replacement. Any features missing compared to the proprietary firmware, anything broken that I’m going to have to take a few months of uni courses to understand how to fix?

For such specific information, you would probably need to visit the respective fora and ask for someone who uses that mainboard and ask for experiences.

Most of the time you probably would just need to try it out yourself, though.

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Aside : I have an MSI motherboard, an AMD mainboard…

It’s BIOS is one of the UGLIEST things I HAVE EVER EVER EVER ever EVER seen, E V E R !

It’s all GUI’ified, its all clickety-click-click… it’s GHASTLY!

What’s wrong with text based keyboard driven BIOSes ? It’s nearly impossible to find what I’m looking for! e.g. factory default is to disable AMD VT / virtualization, and it’s so ugly and clutters, the VT settings are so obfuscated, it literally took me HOURS to find them!