Apple iPhone vs Facebook. The Great Privacy Fight

I watched a video on Youtube a few days ago. It is quite enjoyable to watch.

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Ah, one of those ColdFusion videos. Some of them are quite well made. :+1:

Regarding the topic of this specific video:

What I never want people to forget, is the fact, that whatever huge companies do – it is always in the name of profit, even if that specific action doesn’t produce money directly. There is always money involved, even if completely indirectly.

So, never try to stand up for one side or the other side of big corpo, as they are essentially more or less the same. Sure, some are worse and others are better. Still, their foundations only extremely rarely have something consumer-friendly, because of care for consumers. Almost always, money is the only primary motivation and if something “good” comes out of it, it’s just a coincidental by-product, on the way to reaching bigger profits.

Additionally, if you think a step further, you realise people are sometimes saying “well, this company is doing this right, they are great for it and they have a couple of mistakes (they did something wrong, because they made a bad decision)”. Though, if you think of this in the context of big corpo always striving for bigger profits, then you also realise that a corporation is always doing the same. It is always going the same path. It’s always going in a straight line.
Whatever people consider “good” or “bad” during the time of years passing, it’s most of the time just a by-product of their way up to bigger profits. Therefore, it’s not like companies make bad and good decisions and you have to judge them separately, it’s that companies only do 1 single thing: increase profits. All the by-products that come out of it are just more or less coincidental actions that result from going on a single path to bigger profits.

That’s why I would like to recommend people to think about the fundamental philosophy a company lives, instead of just the results (symptoms) of that exercised philosophy.