Are Linux users cheap?

In my case, I don’t make much money, so I never subscribed to a Linux mag. I do try to contribute to some of the projects I use with Patreon.


I don’t want to invest much time commenting on this, so here my summary my opinion about this statement:

  • fake news
  • hardcore clickbait
  • not informed/researched

If Linux users would be so cheap, I don’t know how roughly ~4 different dedicated monthly Linux magazines in the book store around my corner would be able to survive for years and years on.

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It’s a clickbait, nothing else.


“Are Linux users cheap?”

I am and according to my wife - free to any good home that would accept me :rofl::rofl:

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I wouldn’t say so. Although I am new to the Linux OS and community, many tenured Linux users I know seem to spend their “Nickels and Dimes” on a plethora of “tinker toys” and projects. Much more so than that of other dedicated OS users I know - and with all the Linux based projects that I’ve been interested pursuing, all of those “Nickels and Dimes” add up quick!

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Cheap? No. But the Linux magazines I would have liked to have read were $20 or more at my local Books a Million. I honestly can’t afford to put that much into a magazine. They were just too high priced.

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No agree, simply :imp: