Backup tool in LM 21

I am using an older HP Pavilion dv6 for my Lm 21 installation. I have tried to find tutorial on using the “Backup Tool”. Have not run across one, not one that tells you how in detail to accomplish this. Tells you to click on “Backup” But, do you have to do anything extra with the Tar file after it is complete. I am not a computer guru but trying to learn. Any suggestions , help will be appreciated.

I ran it in Mint 19.3. It has a basic choice at first – a text file listing all the programs you installed, and a tar file of the complete /Home directory. I did not dig any deeper, but I am sure there are directories you can exclude if you want. You also have the option to select where those two go, ideally a separate drive.

I found the “Backup Tool” in LM to be an easy GUI to follow that steps you thru either the process of backing up your home directory or making the list of installed software.

The backup of the home directory places the tar file in /home/Documents/Backups which is automatically excluded from the backup process.

I use the “Backup Tool” often to backup my files at /home. I then copy the tar file to a flash dive for safe keeping.

I did not care for the software package list because it seem to list all the programs installed in Linux. I was only interested in the programs that I install / added to my PC.

Most important to do this.
The backup needs to be stored safely outside of the computer.
Some would even say, move a copy off site.

Thanks for the information. Used the backup and restore on my installation this afternoon and worked like a champ. Found a tutorial on it at techmint # 1 Linux blog under the heading …mintBackup—a simple Backup and restore tool for Linux Mint. Again thanks for the help.

Thanks for the info.