Best Web Browser for Linux Users In 2019

Writing this, still, with Vivaldi…but I do use DD-WRT set up to use Dnscrypt thru Quad9. On my Moto G7, I use Bromite for the browser, Quant for search, and AdGuard. Bromite is a minimalized Chromium.

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Voor mij persoonlijk Firefox en Chromium .


I understand your concerns, but I have had no issues with the Brave Browsers. The only issue I have are with websites that wants to be overly aggressive with their ads. I have Brave running on Windows and Linux, and it runs circles around the bloated W10 Edge browser, and in some cases, it out performs Firefox.

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Chromium is just so godd@mned convenient, I can’t be @rsed trying something else…

My password wallet…
My sync’d bookmarks and tabs across 4 computers (including Google Chrome on Windows 10 at work syncs to/from Chromium)…
My favourite extensions (faster bookmarks, dark mode everywhere, ssh and mosh clients, password generator, change “Trump” everywhere to “Drumpf”, lots more etc)

Tried Brave, but its sync “feature” feels like a clumsy kludge, if I only ever used 2 computers maybe, but I use 4 :

  • Ubuntu 19.04 laptop @ Work
  • Windows 10 laptop @ Work
  • Ubuntu 19.04 laptop @ home
  • Ubuntu 18.04 desktop @ home

e.g. I see something interesting at work, but perhaps NSFW, so I bookmark it - and can browse it when I get home - its there top of the list thanks to Chrome/Chromium extension “Recent Bookmarks” (let’s face it - Chrome/Chromium’s bookmark manager is a pezzo di merda)…

Probably dist-upgrade the 19.04 machines over the holiday break coming up…

When I want anonymity I use ToR browser…

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Which is also available on Firefox. :smirk:

Can you send Browser tabs from one device to another just like that? Firefox can.


These discussions usually stratify. I see Chrome and Firefox settling at the top, followed by Brave/Vivaldi/Opera dropping into the also-ran bucket. Midori is a curiosity and the CCleaner browser (might be Windows only) blocks ads well. Chromium seems flawless to me, runs my local digital paper well, and shares all of its data nicely with Chrome when I want to watch Netflix.

Unless someone has another browser to bring to the ring, this discussion seems finished.


I’m actually looking for Opera GX support on Linux. But, that’s not happening anytime soon I guess. They decided to support macOS but not Linux :confused:

@Ankush_Das - I’m not familiar with that one as I’ve never been an Opera fan, but wouldn’t Vivaldi be very close? It was developed by the original Opera team after Opera switched to Chromium. So Vivaldi is the old Opera, and Chromium is the new Opera.

Opera GX lets you limit system resources for the browser - so that you can easily minimize your game and do some quick browsing when required.

In addition to the ability to limit the CPU/Memory usage, you also get to limit the network activity through your browser. So, it all comes handy (with more features and a flashy UI) while you’re playing a game.

There’s no other browser to replace it yet- as far as I know. So, I was looking forward to its availability on Linux.

I use Firefox (v71) mostly, however use Chromium and Opera for sites Firefox won’t play nice with. This on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. All are ‘beefed’ up with particular add-ons, mostly for security and privacy reasons.

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Ubuntu user since 2010…Today I use Xubuntu, 19.04…just like Ubuntu with XFCE desktop. Not as pretty as Ubuntu, but so much faster…I like the GUI better also. I am looking forward to 20.04 upgrade!

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what web browser do you prefer with xubuntu?

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Sorry about that!..I am Still lovin’ Firefox…tried a few others, but they were never enough. I have always appreciated their sense of privacy and security. And it is Fast!


For me, it is firefox all the way. Maybe, others are better, but firefox is open source and lays stress on privacy. Also, it is more of an emotional attachment than logic.

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I agree. Firefox is great when it comes to personal security. I love it.



Really - have you read the privacy policy? Did you know that by default FFoxy sends all your DNS asks to strictly commercial Cludfare which in turn has its own privacy policy or should I say it’s own take on privacy - Yikes. Have you checked the certificate from SSL connection - is it for the same company name? At very least run addon NoScript and hope for the best. :crazy_face:

As for that Shiny Metal Cr No24 that searches all of your hard drive and sends analysis - to Dougal or is it MySoft - America Inc anyways. OMG it’s out of control; and I hit accept to all that small print and told them here is all my data, take it, here is where I go, here is where and what I buy and go at what time etc etc… Who said Camebinge Alycia was fake news? :us:

Don’t cry for help - no one will heed you - FZ ? 1973 :guitar: :notes:

WOW, really that BAD!!!

Maybe did you switch DoH on?
I do use FF, and it definitely uses my own DNS (which have some adblock, and filter mainly bad sites, such as heatmap… )

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I see CVE and 0 day CVE regularly, I work closely with my ITSec colleagues… don’t actually recall seeing “being actively exploited” before on a 0 (or older) day CVE…

I should add - I get several emails a day from some Microsoft service we (my employer) gets by using Office / Outlook 365 - warning about vulnerabilties in a raft of products, BUT THEY’RE NEVER Microsoft products :smiley:
I’ts always “java this” or “android that” or “google chrome has what?” - but never "edge is so chock full of holes, we call it “Microsoft Colander”… :smiley:


I like Firefox because it is available for Linux & Windows.

Do add extensions for Ghostery to block pop-ups and
other data and get Noscript to stop scripts from
running unless you OK it and https everywhere
which will use https: where available even if you
specify http:.

For a raft of options look under the hash in the upper
right cornet and click on options.