Beware of scams come and get help here first



I was horrified to read a post here about someone who said that they had contacted a support and they were going to charge them a lot of money to fix something.
I did some checking around about this about this. Mozilla who do Thunderbird and Firefox NEVER charge for support from what I could find out. I could not find a single browser that did charge for support.
Microsoft will never charge a person for support and have clear warnings on their site to say so.
From my discoveries (and I could be wrong) I could not find a single Linux Distro which charged an individual for support.
I know that both Microsoft and Redhat might charge a company for support. However if is a company that then that company will have in house support.

It is very easy to get panicky when things go wrong and you can’t fix them, I’ve done it in the past so you aren’t the first and won’t be the last. So swear and then calm down and then come on here and our community will help you, or direct you towards getting help and most of the times it is something very simple that we can’t see and others will do so.
I know there are lot of warnings about this out there, but our community is here to help.

Okay so my research wasn’t perfect so I may/probably have missed some who do charge -


That’s actually the biggest threat 99% of people will encounter online…


A few days ago I was called by an English speaking lady who wanted on behalf of Microsoft to take over my computer because there was a big threat in my Windows computer (I only work with Xubuntu and nothing else). I immediately disconnected the contact.


Easy problem, easy solution.


It is easy to just put the telephone down or come away, but many people particularly those not techy or elderly or disabled fall for these things and the best of us can do so. Which is why I have posted this as reminder for people.