BYOI or Build Your Own Iso (ArcoLinuxB)

B YOI or B uild Your Own Iso

With B YOI we give you the power to change
the iso any way you want .

We have heard the following remarks online that you can now easily solve yourself.

  • there are too many/too little browsers
  • I do not need libreoffice – I want openoffice – I do not want any office suite
  • I want steam or obs-studio on the iso
  • I want more applications
  • I want less applications
  • The iso does not support xxx hardware.
  • I just want xfce or openbox or i3.
  • Is there an ArcoLinux Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate, …

All of these opportunities are within your reach.
We give you FULL CONTROL
what goes on your personal iso.
more info:
You have 3 different ways to install ArcoLinux


Installed Arco Deepin 2 days ago. Only using Linux 6 months so far. Planning on buying a second hand computer and starting from learning phase 1 and working my way to an Arch install in a year or so
(with a lot of luck and hard work.)
Thanks for the information.