CAD in GNU/Linux

Thanks Abhishek for your reply.

In the capacity as an architect and product designer (NID), I and many of my brethren miss a boat at times as FOSS softwares are concerned.

Though BLENDER, KRITA and the league of modelling and DTP galore and are best or better than proprietary wares and very well documented, the picture suddenly gets cloudy when we look for CAD or solid modelling wares.

Freecad, Q-cad, Librecad(though not up to mark) sums it all with a few more in relative anonymity.

A mention of a few CAD wares with related related sites mentioned from your platform would be helpful for a whole lot of designer people.

And might be that developers at Freecad might realize the true potential that is lacking esp. in exporting to 3D printing etc. with seamless interoperability.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to having a CAD section of the Itsfoss-community.


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I am sorry, but I don’t understand this at all. While you are thanking @abhishek for a reply, I can not find what he is replying to as there isn’t another post on this and I have looked at all the sections to see if I have missed something some where.

It may just be me, on this, but I would really like to know what he replied to here on the community pages. Thanks

The content of the mail was in response to an earlier thread of mine.However it got in as a new thread under ‘Discussion’ for the CAD softwares.
Please consider it as a new thread.
my apologies @ElectricDandySlider
best wishes

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So you were replying to a mail from @abhishek rather than posting here on on the community pages? Is that right as I know you started one topic, Linux-enthusiasts in/around Lucknow,India, but I can’t find another with that you have started on here and I usually check new ones out when I see them ?

No need to apologise, I was just trying to sort things out so you could get the right help from our community. :grinning:

As far as starting a new section for CAD on here I personally don’t think it is needed as it could covered in the software section.

Have a nice day and good weekend