Cannot install Youtube-dl

I forgot that Linux Mint 20 has not got a applications folder inside .local, Cinnamon hasn’t anyway.
Logout or reboot after saving the clipgrab.desktop file.

Thanks @daniel.m.tripp this worked in Linux Mint 20 to getting the
youtube-dl working. Have no idea why just installing youtube-dl
would not work, although I believe it had something to do with python.

The latest version of YouTube-dl comes with the latest version of Clipgrab

@clatterfordslim…Tried ClipGrab, never got it to work.

If you’re using Firefox there is the addon called easy Youtube Downloader express, which downloads Youtube videos and MP3’s. I use it for speediness, saving opening a app.

Will give it a try!!!

I’ve used easy youtube downloader ever since it was available.
My assumption is same team developed it to use with Firefox so it’s more likely to work )I know, wrong attitude, that’s how Microsoft got so ‘powerful’)

To install YouTube-dl you need to install python, it does not come from git repositories where YouTube-dl is. Just open up terminal and copy and paste sudo apt install python. If you’re going down the road of installing clipgrab they use YouTubedl but fail to mention you need python installed.

I would recommend to exclusively install python3. Do not use Python 2!

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sudo apt install python3 python3-pip
pip3 install youtube-dl

too easy - the git repo is back online again - but that pip3 installation route worked right through the take down notice while the main git repo was unavailable…

Note : to update youtube-dl if you installed it via pip (pip3) :

pip3 install --upgrade youtube-dl

I was having trouble ripping a video (to audio) of PJ Harvey doing a live set - and it just wouldn’t download… so I updated it - updating usually fixes ~90% of issues with videos that won’t download…