Cant open 2 windows programs that I need to use for uBITX transceiver

Hello, I need someones help again, in the radio mentioned above, I need to flash an arduino with a windows program and also load a new 3.5 inch Nextion display. I have downloaded the programs and although I have WINE in my Ubuntu 18.04 I can’t get them opened, I have tried all the proposed methods with no success.I am a linux user but not too good when it comes to something like this, can someone clear this up for me? Thank you. Sorry I forgot to mention the programs, XLoader and uBITX Manager _V1.11

You could try installing and running Windows in a VM using Virtualbox, and then run those programs within Windows.

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Thanks Mike, I believe I have a VM already in this machine that I had to use a while back, forgot about it, good suggestion, Thank you. I will try that and l will let you know how I make out.


I have installed windows7 in the VM but still can’t open those programs, any ideas?

Are there any warnings or alerts that pop up?

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All kinds, Mike, it’s confusing, they drag you into “have to buy” so called solutions etc… it goes on and on. I really had forgotten how neat Linux is. The result is I just want to open these 2 programs in Ubuntu if possible, I tried in a terminal, sudo chmod +X ./ XLoader, and I get no such file, so I can’t make the file executable.

If they are windows .exe files, they simply cannot be executed and run natively in Linux. However, there is another solution you could try…

Install and run an application called Playonlinux. It should be in the ubuntu software center or already installed on your system. Open that and within there, select install -> install non-listed program. Point it to the .exe install files for the 2 programs you want to install and go through the process. Hopefully it will install them and allow you to run them through Playonlinux. You’ll have to install each program separately as you normally would. After they’re installed you’ll have to launch Playonlinux and run the programs from within it.

This is how I run a program called Scrivener which is Windows-only yet runs flawlessly through Playonlinux.

Thanks for the tip Mike, I will try that option, I was sure Wine would do it but no go.

Wine can be finicky. I haven’t had much luck using wine on it’s own to run windows apps.

Playonlinux implements wine to install and run windows apps, but usually sets it up automatically to suit the app. I’ve had a lot more luck with Playonlinux over the years. I hope this works for you. If it doesn’t, unfortunately I’m out of ideas…

Thanks for your help Mike, but I’m not making any headway with Playonlinux. I have put this project together for a ham friend and I am a technician not too good when it comes to special programs, I get along fine with the run of the mill stuff, anyhow, the radio is completed and working fine with the 2 line LCD, my friend wants me to install and program a 3.5inch nextion display in place of the LCD and that’s where I wont go now, so it’s ready for him as is and he will have to find some ham that understand what has to be done and operates a Windows machine. It was fun putting it all together but I hate being bogged down with the program side of it. Thank you for taking the time to try and get me going with these programs, Mike.