Corrupt files on USB hard disk


I am new in this community, greetings to all.

On my 1.5TB USB hard disk, some file names had been changed without my knowledge, to ??? marks or names with unprintable characters in them. Like
-??? ? ? ? ? ? TheBucketList.mkv
-??? ? ? ? ? ? The.Fog.of.War.avi
-rwxrwxrwx 5002 okk okk 732971008 Şub 13 2005 ‘Th脐 Yes Men.avi’*

I can not open, remove or rename them. I tried to salvage them by using a package I found on the Internet, testdisk, and got a log file with many entries irrelevant to my problem. Nothing happened. How can I save files on my disk?

Thanks for the help

If you are still trying to receive the old files when they were still working, then you should use photorec, which is from the same author as testdisk. The latter has a different purpose, because it doesn’t recover single files, since it rather recovers whole system partition tables and its contents. Photorec is made for specifically recovering single files.

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Seems problem with virus, but few probable. ( Linux is solid against virus )
Maybe that your usb hard disk be with problems ( damaged ).

After trying photorec as @Akito suggested, you should use fschk on the drive to make sure, this is not a physical problem or a defective file system.