Creating qparted partition

I’m using the latest version of qparted on linux mint 20. When I try to create a new
partition there is no possibility of creating a logical partition or setting a mount point
as I saw in an itsfoss article on setting up partitions. How should I set up my /home
partition with the latest version of qparted?

Note that you can only partition unmounted disks.

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let me break down my questions

  1. how can I set a mount point when I use the latest version of QParted when I am creating
    a new partition?

    (when you install mint you can set the mount point -,5%20Step%205%3A%20Prepare%20the%20partition.%20More%20items)

  2. to modify the root of linux I would have to boot from a qparted .iso but I have
    trouble getting it to boot. Any suggestions on that? I think it has something to do with
    GRUB but the article I found was a bit complicated for a newbie.

Ok I figured out how to set the mount point in /etc/fstab and to mount the partition
but I haven’t looked into booting the iso with qparted that I downloaded from the
official site.

Please, let’s take it step by step. In order to enable people to help you, you have to be specific:

  1. What is the current status?
  2. What are you trying to achieve on the highest level?
  3. Which exact steps did you take to achieve your goal?
  4. At which part did you encounter problems?
  5. How did they manifest and what were the exact symptoms?

First: What is your current status? Do you already have a running Linux system on your computer and do you want to tinker with the already existing partition?
Or: Are you trying to set up Linux for the first time and did you run into trouble when trying to tell the installer how to set up your drives?

Please answer this question and then proceed according to the list above. We’re neither in your head nor are we monitoring your computer, so we rely completely on the information you provide us with, which, up to this point, has not been very comprehensive.

Please try to explain yourself as if you were talking to a complete idiot: simple and easy sentences in correct grammar, baby steps, don’t take any pre-existing knowledge for granted.

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Couldn’t have worded it better. :smiley:

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Current status is solved. Thanks for answering. Just had to set up /etc/fstab to set mount points.

Not being able to boot an iso image with qparted is not a major concern at this point but that’s pretty basic, you flash an image with Balena etcher and it boots or it doesn’t. Consider this ticket resolved.