Dell Desktop 7010SFF

Have just acquired a refurbished Dell 7010SFF with Windows 10 Pro … wish to remove and install Ubuntu 19.10 … which I have on my Dell Laptop … will this work on the Dell 7010? Thanks … Hud

Without knowing this special device, I would think that there would be no problems using Ubuntu.
I have been installing GNU/Linux distributions for quite some years now, and never had (really heavy) problems to get it to run on any devices from the past 10 years.
And fortunately you can test your Dell live with any GNU/Linux distro.
So, burn the ISO, fire it up on your Dell and test your device (wifi, audio, card-reader, etc.)
I bet, it all works fine.
And if not, we’re here to help if we can…

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Fast.Edi & Akito … Thank you …Hud