Do you listen to the Radio on the internet for events like the TT Races for example

It is TT here on Ellan Vannin, the Road Racing Capital of the world - Before I became disabled I used to go and watch them on Mountain, which was great as I saw Joey Dunlop do his final races here and watched the first 130 MPH lap being done. Now I can’t do so and rather than depend on the radio and the signal dropping out, I listen to the races on the internet which never drops. This made me think, do others use the internet to listen to things they love or are interested in. Not just sports, but other events?


Love your avatar. RIP, Niki. :frowning: What a legend…

I use the internet to stream live races (Indy and F1 mainly). We have an Amazon dot, which we have the radio playing music over for the dogs when we’re out of the house.


Thanks I did it as a tribute to him.
Thanks also for your reply I use as I said as I don’t want to miss anything and net radio doesn’t drop as radio radio can if you know what I mean


I also have an Echo Dot. It’s on my desk in the den where my desktop PC is also. Sometimes, I will ask Echo to play the local news station and will listen to a i-Heart radio station in Baltimore.


I use internet to listen free music streaming

I can’t listen “traditional” radio:

  • Radio announcers talk too much and most time things without any interest
  • The playlists are almost the same in most radios

I use Gnome Radio to listen to WMNF (a publicly funded station in Tampa, 100 Mi S of my home) during my morning wake-up routine (check emails, etc.). It was the station I preferred when I lived in the area and commuted to a job there. I also use Pithos to listen to my chosen Pandora stations.


I listen web-radio on the go with my mobilephone and RadioDroid , when I’m at my desktop PC I listen with jazz in particular.