DoomScroller like fav muzic init like bling it up culla init bro like

Hey All DoomScrollers at moderator Akito’s what is your favourite colour genre topic - What music do you listen to? :face_with_head_bandage:
There is help at hand to wean you off such social media topics like init like yo bro like. :cold_face:
Could I openly invite @abhishek :slightly_smiling_face: to comment on discussion guidelines which I perhaps wrongly read; that it was supposed to be about FOSS - Free Open Source Software like bling init bro… Unless that is; Abhishek just wants this site to be solely about ubuntu-mint click number statistics…? Surely there is infinite space on mainstream social media platforms for such mindless celebrity driven vacuous content…? A quick look at our Discussion category topics confirms this is a new unwanted trend.
As we reach the 1,000 doomscroller post please - for the sake of your mental and physical health take action today - I am quite worried about you all. Get on your bike or go for a walk with your family - whatever your Covid lockdown regulations allow - or take a screen break with a book, linux format magazine, paper puzzles, sudoku, whatever. Get the vinyl collection out and wind up your Bang and Olufsen speakers and just chill or tighten your headband as you play your air guitar to some classic riffs. :guitar: :musical_score: :notes: :studio_microphone: :level_slider: :control_knobs:

I have chosen just a few sites to get your recovery kick started :wink:

Hope it helps - Take EXTRA care to Stay Safe - :mask:

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