Dual Boot - SSD and HDD + Ubuntu 18.04 & Windows 10

Hello. Any idea on how to properly install Ubuntu 18.04 along with Windows 10. Tried installing ubuntu in HDD allocating 100gb swap area=16gb. After installing ubuntu the boot takes time almost 2 minutes. Any problem with the setup?

Thank you.

can you help clarify what help you are looking for? are you asking why the system takes so long to boot?


Do i have to make a partition of SSD for ubuntu? or is it okay to have all ubuntu installed in HDD? my SSD in all for windows but the problem is the ubuntu os takes time to boot up.

Could you explain your setup in MUCH more detail?


Two commands you might want to try.
systemd-analyze -------------- shows boot time.
systemd-analyze blame ----- shows what took the time.

Of course you can install Ubuntu on a HDD. You may want to give more details on your problem or what you are trying to do.


On a HDD, 2 to 4 minutes seems right. On SSD, that time is likely to be well under a minute.

I have one SSD and one HDD with altogether five OSs (Ubuntu, Win 7, Mint, Elementary and Win 10). It’s a funny setup, too. But warning! I am a rank amateur who finally got lucky after frequent missteps.


i want to have a more fast bootup sir.

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running systemd-analyze from a terminal and sharing your output here will help us understand what you are dealing with.

mine looks like this:

$ systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 4.377s (kernel) + 28.176s (userspace) = 32.553s
graphical target reached after 26.913s in userspace


I partition first although letting Mint do the partitioning should work just as well.