Dualbooting Linux with Linux

Hello there!

I currently have PoP!_OS as my main distro on this SSD.
I want to try other distros as well.
Although, I have some questions about it, please help me in them…

  1. To dual-boot, I am going to shrink the main home partition, so, if after trying the distro, I don’t like it, can I just delete that os’s partition and extend the home partition?
  2. Currently, GRUB is not present here and the system directly boots into PoP!_OS but if I install another distro, and afterwards delete it, will the system directly boot onto PoP!_OS or I will have to manually install GRUB in it?

These are my two queries…

Thanks in advance!


Hello Hrishikesh,
#1 That should work for you. But you should make a backup off disc of important files. Things do happen.
#2 Grub is currently being controlled by PopOS - Usually the last distro you install will be the controller of grub. So yes you will most likely have to reinstall grub if you delete the last distro you installed. The reason POPOS does not show a grub screen is because it’s the only OS on the computer. When you do another install it should pick up your popos and open a grub menu for you to choose from.

If it were me I would just download the live .iso and try the other distro live for a few days and see if it really meets my needs before installing as a dual boot.
Good luck in whatever you choose.


You can avoid that if, during the install of the second Linux, you answer NO to the question " Do you want to install a bootloader".
Then PopOS will retain control of grub, but you will have to go into PopOS and do update grub after you finish the second Linux install, before it will detect the new Linux.
After that, you will get a grub menu when you boot


I get that,
I am asking about GRUB after deletion of the second OS…

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Grub will still show the second os in its menu after you delete the second os. You will need to go into popos again and do update-grub
to remove it from the menu.


But PoP!_OS doesn’t have GRUB till now…
It directly boots…

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Read what @kc1di said. PopOS will have grub, it just will not show a menu when there is only one OS to boot.


Just one last question, I have to shrink from sda3 only from here na?:

Also, does Manjaro [calameres] have that ‘No bootloader’ option?


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It should have, but I have never used it so cant be sure.

That looks like gnome-disk-utility. gparted is a better tool for shrinking partitions


I agree with nevj that gParted is a better tool, as is Boot Repair, quite handy in getting you out of a dire situation :sweat_smile: (my system is a Lenovo T450, 1TB SSd with 3 different operating systems).


Hi @Demas ,
There is also SuperGrub2 cd and SystemRescue cd.
And Knoppix live is also quite helpful

Soo, I have decided to install Manjaro XFCE but the Calameres installer doesn’t have the ‘No Bootloader’ option.
Is it a way that after I install Manjaro…I can change the GRUB Bootloader from Manjaro to Pop os?

Yes, just log into Popos, and do grub-install, followed by update-grub.
Then Popos own the grub configuration again.
Not sure the grub-install is necessary, but it is a good idea keep the installed grub at the same version that Popos knows.

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I tried Manjaro for 1-2 days.
But I again reinstalled PoP!_OS on entire drive.

But thanks for this reply, It will surely be helpful for me afterwards.

Thanks you so much!


In my experience if your hardware (and budget) can cope there are better ways.

Do not put two OS on same physical drive - this makes life much less complicated and flexible.

If you can fit an internal PCIe or SSD then treat as two discreet systems (no Grub involved) and select from BIOS boot options.

Failing that use an external SSD (or even a fast USB memory stick) - slight performance hit depending on hardware but still keeps things simple.

Finally a bit more complicated to set up is the use of Virtual Machines - when configured correctly you will be able to chop and change at will with minimum effort.

Hope these ideas help - if you fancy you will get plenty of advice and examples on forums.



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