Error-messages when shutting down ISO from multiboot-usb-stick


I downloaded multibootusb via in order to create a multiboot-usb-stick.

After extracting I watched the demo video and found at [01:17] that when shutting down Ubuntu Gnome (as the given example for mounting an ISO)
the shutdown messages contained the following:

  • failed unmounting cdrom.mount.
  • failed unmounting /isodevice.
  • failed unmounting /rofs.

Yet the shutdown seems to succeed after all.

As I´ve experienced the same phenomeneon with xubuntu I´d like to know why that messages are and whether they can safely be ignored (as shutdown nevertheless is successful).

Could it be that there are still some processes running and accessing the respective devices?

Tnx in advance

my system: Linux/Lubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, 64 bit

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