Exit Boot Failed!

exit_boot() failed!
efi_main() failed!
Never seen this before. Anyone knows what this means or maybe something is pending (going wrong)?
Shut down Desktop as usual. Next boot got this.
Got desktop to boot again, shutdown, re-boot, got message again!
Got PC to boot again by selecting “edit efi firmware”.
I don’t know what going on, but don’t like the looks of things. Going to shutdown and perform a backup of efi partition and root.

First reaction would be
Usb issue related to you have been using one, removed it without closing it first, eject, etc
On the same score when installed from a usb the installation did not finish correctly, but not knowing which version of Linux you are using, for how long, what machine etc…
I did find this item on the net

Although it’s clear Linux which may not be your version it suggests a fault with the efi

A kernel update may help, but need to know which version to be able to advise on that

Thanks for your input @callpaul.eu. Yes, I forgot to give detail about my system. I 'm on Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon with all updates applies as of a couple days ago. I just checked and no updates available. The current kernel is 5.4.0-54.
As a per-caution, I perform a backup. And I also ran a update-grud.

So far today, after several boots, no problems. The only other thing I can think of was at the time of the error message, I had 3 disks attached via USB.

Thanks for the update and further information

Doing the updates can help and occasionally kernel changes give strange messages but usually just once.

I would suspect like you it was the sub connections and drives

Glad it’s sorted

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Good News – no more error messages. I never saw that kind of error message before and it kind of scary me. I don’t know why, b/c I have backups. I am going to mark this closed b/c like you, I think the USB drives had something to do with it. Why? I don’t know.