Facebook chat options

I had used pidgin with the facebook add on until I moved to kubuntu on 18.04 and then I just forgot to install it. I had left all the computers that I had setup for businesses and other as is and just upgraded their ubuntu systems as needed. Someone had contacted me about setting up a new computer and when I installed pidgin - I find you have to build the fb add on. For reasons I wont get into here - Im looking for other options.

Anyone have anything they are using to access fb chat? I had read about empathy but most articles were older.

It’s Caprine which I like. I use it every day, it’s autostarted on both my laptop and desktop.
Working on Debian Buster Mate.

Ah, great. Thanks. Looking into that now.

This looks very nice but I do not think this is going to work. I have to installed this on a lot of different computers. I need to find a app that is click and install. But this is def very nice looking.

i haven’t used this particular program, but have used other appimages. you just double-click to run them. it takes a little more work to get them to show up in menus, but usually can be done.

in case that is of interest :slight_smile:

There’s the .deb file on the download page. It isn’t so hard to install that on a Debian/Ubuntu like distro… :wink:

Ill look again … I did not see a deb package.

For your convenience :smiley:

Yup… I just totally missed that. Thanks kovacslt!

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