Fedora 35 Beta version

I am thinking about migrating to Fedora 35 and Beta version is already out but I am not sure If it is safe to use Beta version of a distro as the main OS.Is there any Security concerns I should be aware of ? What are the differences between a Beta version and final release ?

A beta version is simply not as thoroughly tested as a final version.

It might contain bugs and cool experimental features which might not make into the final one.

I’d say: If you are in doubt whether it’s safe to use a beta, it’s probably not the best idea to go for it as main OS. If you still want to try, make sure you’re able to restore the previous state.

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If this is any type of machine that you depend on to do your work I would wait for the final to be out.
In the meantime you can check out 35 beta on live disc /usb. without making changes to your system. Beta’s are testing version not meant for regular work. That being said some of them are quite stable. But you take your chances. Not sure if Fedora allows updates to final version when it is released or you would have to do a fresh install. Good Idea to know that info also.