FOSS + Christmas

The only way to come into this world, is to be born. Being born requires a bearer.

Now may be an appropriate time to ask when/where FOSS was born, and who/what was its bearer.
If we are asking about origins of the Linux kernel, the answer is obvious and well known. It all centres around Linus Torvalds.
If we are asking about GNU Software, it is all about Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation.

But there was free software before that. The majority of scientific software has always been free and open source. That comes, I think, from the University tradition of Academic Freedom. Scientists always shared their ideas, published findings, and made any software freely available.

And that , of course, is the essence of Christmas, sharing and goodwill.

Can I take this opportunity to thank all for sharing things on this forum, and for the goodwill behind it
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and dont let FOSS forget its origins



There is an Alt point of view.
Writing software is a creative activity… like writing a book.
After a book is written, its impact depends on how many read it , and how powerful its message is
Same for software… FOSS is powerful because

  • people can afford to use it so lots of people do use it
  • source code access improves its impact… people can learn from it , and build onto it
  • there is power in diversity.

The spirit of free software is the spirit of giving.
A creative gift is special.
Christmas is special.
Enjoy your Christmas everyone.



Hi Neville, :wave:

thanks for your comments and views on the matter of FOSS.
You´re certainly right in every aspect. :+1:

Thanks a lot.

I also want to seize the opportunity to thank you, Neville, for helping me so much all year long. It´s highly appreciated. :heart:

Plus: a big thank you indeed to all of you in this forum for your kind help. :heart:

Happy holidays :fork_and_knife: :santa: to everyone of you and good health for the coming year. :+1:

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @Rosika ,
Enjoy your Christmas.
Looks like we will be spending ours repairing fences… we have escapee sheep

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Do you have predators around there like coyotes, mountain lions?
We used to have 10-14 sheep in my land but those bad guys kept killing them. They loved the babies. I did shoot some of them but they usually come before sunrise when lazy people (like me) still sleeping. So we gave up.

Only foxes. Hopefully too far out of town for town dogs.
We keep donkeys to ward off dogs.
At lambing we corral our sheep at night. Keeps the ewes and lambs together. They are safer in a flock compared to separated.
Sheep are gentle contented animals. The escapees were rams… they tend to wander a bit. Fortunately neighbours dont keep sheep so rams did no damage. We need new netting on the fence.

Sheep, and shepherds, of course, are part of the Christmas scene. There is debate about what their presence means, but it is said the shepherds represent common humanity .
see GK Chesterton “The Everlasting Man”

Have a joyful Christmas


Someone advised me to get a lama and he will protect them. Sure! He was the first one to escape on attack, leaving everybody behind. Then they said, only fixed lamas do that, otherwise they protect their lama family only. Anyway, no more sheep, but we still have the lama!!! He must be about 22.

Very true!!
Merry Christmas to you!!! :christmas_tree:

No lamas here… enough trouble shearing sheep.
Get your lama a mate
Other solutions include dog fences, guns, poison baits, traps and Maremma dogs.

We are happy with donkeys. They actually chase after dogs and trample them. Can be a nuisance with small lambs… to curious, they interfere.
Donkeys were part of Christmas too.


They were barbados, no shearing! :smile:
Lama doesn’t mind long hair. Protects him from heat and cold and rain.

Are you kidding me?! :cold_face: no way!!

My neighbor has five of them. They wake me up at 4 every morning. I hate them!

Yes. You could create a wonderful Christmas party, have all animals for decorations!!

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Hello Neville,
Thank you very much for your nice words and good wishes!!
I always like the things you write on this forum, please keep up the good work!
Loved the way you wrote in your article starting with an Alt point of view.
We wish you and your beloved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy, but most of all healthy 2023.
Warm regards from the Netherlands,
HHarry18 and family


@HHarry18 ,
Please accept our greetings to yourself and family
It is nice to hear a note of appreciation.
I do have to be very careful not to cross the line with topics like this one.


Bah humbug!

Only kidding - happy holidays - I’m an atheist so we’re excused from saying Xmas or whatever, it’s actually just a pagan festival co-opted by the early “church” anyway - and I dig paganism more than any organised religion…

About to embark on the giving and receiving of gifts (hey atheists can give and receive gifts!) and the over-eating and over indulging (alcoholic beverages) then at the hottest part of the day (expecting over 30 celsius in Perth, and given I’m about 20 km from the coast, even hotter further inland where I live) go horizontal for a post-Xmas dinner siesta, and its not a proper xmas day siesta unless you leave a trail of drool on your pillow!