Gathering xfce version [Solved]

Hi there.

Call me a noob, but I have not managed up to now to show my Mint xfce the version of xfce.
Tried xfce4-about, but it’s not there.
The Configuration manager does not show this either.
I hoped, that neofetch (Discovering Neofetch) shows it, but nah…

Maybe someone can help me out?
Fast Edi

Try typing is in a terminal inxi -F
the current XFCE4 version is Desktop: Xfce 4.12.3
Thats for Mint 19.2


In Neofetch, is there no line for DE?

inxi … - GOSH!
How could I forget about inxi?

Thanks. There it is.

But only the name of the DE, e.g. “xfce” or “Gnome Shell”…
(Or I missed a possible parameter to throw at it)

:slight_smile: Glad to help