Got new keyboard :)

Look I have got a NEW keyboard… :yum:

How is the VIBES baby :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Rate ?/10


Rate 10/10 Love the LEDs

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Nice! Congratulations :slight_smile:

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Had one a while back. Lights are a distraction for me. But, al WHOLE lot of folks LOVE the light show.


My missus is always complaining that I’ll strain my eyes being in the dark in front of my screen. She also warns me about the badgers and the slithering thing that might attack me in the middle of the night.
“Beware of the badgers and slithering things bite?”
“Whilst you’re sat in the dark in the middle of the night.”
Usually she gives this warning at 16:00hrs as the clocks have gone back an hour here in UK, meaning shorter day light hours.
These lights are too much for me, as I have my side lamp on that is soft enough light, to see what I’m typing. I have a miniature wireless keyboard with these flashy multi coloured keys for my media mini PC in the lounge, to watch Netflix, Disney+, ITV HUB, BBC_iPlayer, MY4,MY5,UKTV-Player all through Linux of course. Unfortunately my missus don’t like horror films, as the lights on keyboard would make my face glow and make her jump. Can you make it glow just one colour, like white, yellow, red, purple, blue??? I give it 9/10


I like your story :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Your RGB lights seems more powerful :grimacing: mine don’t make my face glow :sweat_smile:

It’s true, trust me it’s all true, every last word of it.
Badgers do come out at night,
Just to give you a nasty fright or a bite,
along with the slithery thing
That moves so quiet whilst carrying a tin,
A tin of what I here you ask,
A tin of toffees of cask (course does not rhyme with ask, so imagine cask meaning course instead of being a barrel shape cylindrical thing to hold stuff in, just to make the rhyme work.)

Looks cool. I’ve been thinking of getting one like that. Are the brightness of the LEDs easily controllable? Normally I’d like to have them just barely visible, but occasionally like when entering an important password I’d crank them up for a moment.

I wonder if you could get eye strain from these lights? Like on a monitor. My gaming Laptop that is used for VirtualBox, with Linux Mint on has these flashy lights, I switch them off find them annoying after a while, as here in Linux they don’t stay on one colour, they go Purple, Orange, Yellow, Red, Magenta, which is probably the colour I get mixed up with purple? To control my Laptop colours Function key and up arrow key and down arrow key to eventually switch it off. These lights are alright if you’re in the dark, but might lure some late night party revellers to your house, as they can be quite bright. :smiley:

My Redragon keyboard is easily controlled–color, brightness, “breathing,” all of it. I turn the breathing off, of course–no sense in scaring myself.