Great News about Linux hardware

I’m happy to see that.


And there’s me tearing my hair out (I’ve barely any left anyway) - trying to get touch/pen working on a Lenovo X201 under boobuntu…

So I’ve got a kludge/workaround :

╰─➤  cat waco[redacted-F-bomb].bash 
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# redacted-ING redacted-ED X11 - this issue is at LEAST redacted-ing 6 years old - and still a bug???
# found this solution @ :
sudo inputattach --daemon -w8001 /dev/ttyS4

But also meanwhile - I’ve got access to a fairly new Lenovo laptop (we’re taking on a new customer - and we were all issued SOE “corporate image” laptops) - feels nice and solid, but thin, 8 GB RAM x GB SSD, some generation of i5 or other… Anyway - it’s practically useless to me right now.

I don’t have admin rights on it so I can’t :

  • add myself to remote desktop users
  • install synergy virtual KVM software
  • install MobaXterm (the ONLY terminal software I use on Windows if I don’t have MS’s “native” ssh client [called from CMD or PowerShell] installed or WSL (I REFUSE to use PuTTY - it’s a horror show, it’s a medi-eval torture chamber!).

So I was going to try to USB boot a live distro on it to see how it does, but the things so locked down, can’t alternate boot! Hideous! Secure boot? If it was mine I’d be wiping that and installing libreboot :smiley:

I’ve got two tickets in the customer’s ticketing system (Service Now - everyone just calls it SNOW) - 1 for local admin 2 for RDP access to it… right now it’s little better than a boat anchor, and would be pretty useless at that job too!

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Hi @Akito and @daniel.m.tripp, I know I am the small guy here using and loving Trisquel but it would be great if you guys via it’sFOSS could use your influence to ask them to consider any of the distros approved by the Free Software Foundation. Yes I do understand that Lenovo are strictly commercial but…
Thanks guys for great news

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