Grub 2/ISO Boot

I had 2 similar experiences.

  1. I was looking for a very easy to use distribution that was similar to Windows, which made me stumble upon Slax, back when it was still based on Slackware. Unfortunately, it was only meant to be used as a live system. So a couple of days later containing a lot of trial and error as well as the corresponding research, I managed to make the installation permanent just from having a medium that was meant only to be used live.
  2. Like a year ago, I wanted Linux on my Laptop, but all it has are 2 USB 3.0 slots and no CD/DVD drive, at all. Luckily, it has an M.2 SSD drive alongside the SSHD (now replaced with an SSD) which allowed me to install the ISO onto the M.2 SSD from which I was able to boot. Without this second storage medium I probably wouldn’t have been able to install Linux, as UEFI has trouble recognizing USB3.0 for installations and the USB ports on this laptop were extremely buggy (and still partially are) when using Linux, anyway.