Grub dependencies error

Ubuntu 20.10
For the past month Ubuntu has been running quite smoothly, but today Ubuntu tells me there is software to be updated, but instead of updating I’m getting the following error messages:

In Software Updater:

Failed to download Repository Information
Some software couldn’t be checked for updates

[software to update:]
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-AMD64 version, signed)

Package dependencies cannot be resoled…

I have tried searching on the web and ran a bunch of commands, such as apt update, apt remove, apt clean but I am still having the same problem. Do you know what I can try to fix this?

Perhaps this is a nothing-burger. Out of frustration (and my cluelessly corrupting vital files) I reloaded Ubuntu, and now the problem has disappeared. As I tested each piece of software I added and deleted I have determined that the problem traces to Wine, which I installed with the instructions at Not that there is anything wrong with Wine, but, somehow, it leads to problems with the repositories not updating properly and causing a cascade of problems. If I were smarter I would have the answer for you, but at least we know the starting point.