GRUB file changes

“Mate” and Ub 19.04 are both installed on my desktop (dual-boot). I’d like to make some minor chgs so that Ub is the default instead of Mate. This could be a good learning exercise for a newbie to Ub. (1) Is it recommended to chg the GRUB file(s) using an editor ? (2) If so, what is SAFEST way ? Thanx.

Bewildered (newbie) Bob

Try Grub Customizer. Many tools to work with. It is in the Ubuntu store, I believe.


Hello Bob,

There is this utility called Grub Customizer. It allows you to change the boot order. These two articles should help you with that:

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In Abhishek post [Customize Grub To Get A Better Experience With Linux - It’s FOSS] he recommends a Grub rescue disk. How is this disk easily created by a Linux newbie ?

Bewildered Bob

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