How do I delete my profile?

Anyone know how to delete my profile and close my account?

What profile and account?

To leave this forum / community.

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May I ask you a question?
Are you leaving this forum because of this post?

@jimthetripodman, I do understand that what happened tonight was upsetting for you. If you really want to leave that is your choice. I would just say to you to take your time to think about why you joined our community and come back again in a few days if you need time out and then if you feel the same you can deactivate your account.

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@jimthetripodman, you must know the saying Don’t Feed the Trolls. I would suggest that quitting is a way to feed a troll. Especially when the troll seemingly loves to shout down criticisms.


Anyone is free to give a suggestion but only depends of me to accept it it or not.
You are free to give all suggestions as you want.

I will not use that software but after read all replies just because your tip, you just received my like in you topic - It’s my way to say to you “don’t delete the account”

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