How do I write a guest post? Or maybe contact an usual poster

I would like to make a guest post, or maybe give my inputs to someone who usually posts. How do I go about this?


Hi and Welcome,
To make public comments on an existing topic or a particular reply, press Reply.
To start a new topic use the+ Topic button in the forum home page.
In both cases you will get a window into which you can type .

Note @abhishek … this is a clear case where a beginners help page would be useful

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I’m not referring to that.
I’m speaking about articles on

Sorry, I misunderstood you.
I think only staff write articles, but my memory is there is a facility to comment on an existing article.



You can reach out to me at if you want to contribute writing about a topic/news or have any other suggestions.

Note that we do not accept sponsored links or posts or guest posts written just for backlinks. So, if it is only something relevant to Linux/Open-Source space, we may decide to cover it or accept your guest post.

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