How to remove Twemojis from Ubuntu?

I installed Twemojis some days ago in my UBUNTU 20.10.
It worked, but now all in emojis are in black and white color.
And also, all the browsers are showing the Twemoji text font, I even tried to change the font from the browser settings, but it didn’t work.
Please help me to completely remove Twemojis from my UBUNTU 20.10 and install any new emoji font.
:pray: :pray: :pray:

not working, UBUNTU not allowing me to delete it

Okay, then keep it in.

why u are soo unsporting. U should help me instaed

@TypeHrishi, first of all I can not help. I know nothing about fonts in Ubuntu.
But you are not helping yourself to get help!
What kind of a reply is?

Give details, lots of details.
What did you try? What was the results? Details!
It’s no wonder why you are not getting help.

Hey Peeps!!
IDK how but the fonts in the browsers which were not changing automatically changed today!
BTW thnx for responsing and trying to help! :relieved: :relieved: :pray: :pray: :pray: