How To Repair Ubuntu 20.04 LTE in Win 10 Dual-Boot?

I have Ubuntu 20.04 LTE dual-boot loaded on my Windows 10 Home OS and after selecting " UBUNTU " as the OS I want to boot to, it fails. How do I repair my Ubuntu installation? I have the current Ubuntu 20.04 LTE *.iso file downloaded and on my Desktop. Help!

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We need a little more detail to be of much help. What exactly fails. What happens when you try to boot to Ubuntu? Do you get a blank screen any error messages, ETC. ? Was it working before?

Could you please post a lot of screenshots of what you are experiencing? Otherwise, we are not able to properly help you help yourself.

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Is Win 10 ‘security’ stopping Ubuntu?

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Welcome to the site.
As you’ve already read in the replies, more information is needed in order to diagnose. It goes without saying , dual booting is inherently problematic.
It would also be helpful to know what hardware you’re using.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTE was a verified download, flashed to a 3.o USB 64 GB drive, loaded just fine on a NEW 3TB SATA HDD, appeared to load fine, but when the computer was restarted, I ONLY get a blinking underscore_cursor in the upper left-hand corner of my display. System: AMD 3.8 GHz CPU, 32 GB SDRAM, HP small-form desktop. Any ideas? Tks JEFF7650

No is is NOT “stopping” Ubunu… JEFF7650

No, I cannot. System is down/dead. Tks anyway. JEFF7650

Newly installed 3TB SATA HDD on HP small form desktop, 3.8 GHz CPU, 32 GB SDRAM. Just get a blinking cursor. Tks. JEFF7650

DEAD ISSUE: I wiped the HDD and reloaded a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 LTE. Tks all. JEFF7650

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VERY good news. Sorry for all the headaches. It’s all part of Linux Learning.