How to resolve a problem relating to repair corruped software index file

Recently I applied for my digital signatures to My registration process was successfully completed. I received one message from them to download my digital signature authentication certificate.
For that purpose the provide two options for the installation of one more software named Ecliq for Windows OS and emBridge for Linux OS. As I prefer to work on Linux ( Ubuntu 20.04 at present ), I clicked their link, which in turn was downloaded as Upon extraction, it produced one file named as emBridge-v3.1.0.0.deb which is a Debian package. While installing this file via Gdebi package and dpkg command, something went wrong. The result was that the concerned software was not installed. But my problem/ querry doesn’t relate with non installtion of the package. While running these operations software index file of the ubuntu was broken. Now whenver I run upgrade command via terminal upgrade command does not run, rather it dispalys a message about software index broken.
Consequently I need your guidance in the matter as how to resolve this problem so that my other operations run smoothly. Your response in the matter will be highly appreciated.
For your ready reference the screenshot of the terminal is attached herewith.

I don’t see any images in your post. Could you make and attach detailed screenshots of what exactly is being done and the result of it?

I agree with @Akito please post the pictures of it . It would be more clear to us and we’ll be able to help you .