HP desktop 6000

Bought this PC used back probably 8-10 years ago and have very little problem with it…it came with windows 7 installed.When windows 10 came out updated through Microsoft updates. Working OK and current with updates. But about 4-6 weeks ago after the last update I shut down PC. About 4-5 days later tried to boot into windows and was greeted by this message " to enter your bit locker key to access disk" ???. I did not activate anything as far as I know. Checked with Microsoft and they said no keys recorded. Have tried several things to get rid of this and be able to use PC but no help.
If i have to replace hard drive I want to add an ssd drive in place of the HDD. Anyone have
any suggestions. Posted on another forum and it was insinuated that I was trying to hack a computer…I am not into anything like that and I let it be known. Just strange that this happened after an update from Microsoft. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Hi @topaz115,
When I run into a problem I can’t resolve with either Windows or Linux, I restore the system from my last backup. Probable not the answer you were looking for.

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I cannot even access the HDD from windows but can use Pc with a live usb using linux Mint 21. That is what I am on now.

I would say if you’re already considering upgrading the HDD with an SSD, then install the SSD with a fresh OS install. Restore data from backup if at all available/possible.

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Thanks for the response.
But there is no way to access anything on the drive since it is encrypted with bit locker. Do not know how it got that way either.

Used live usb and installed LM 21. (used erase disk and install LM option) lost my windows 10 and do not know how how to reinstall. Have the key no. but really trying to get away from windows anyway. As far as i am concerned this problem is solved because I can use the PC again. Have another question, but, will post under new subject. Thanks for all the help.