Importing IBM Approach data into LibreOffice Base

I am moving from Windows 7 to Linux MInt 19.3 and have several databases running in Lotus Approach. To save myself the trouble of setting all these up again in Base I wondered if anyone has experience in importing Approach files in to Base - or even if this is possible. I am not sure how Approach stores the files.

Perhaps the comments there can help you. Once comment, for example, describes, how you can convert the files to dBASE files, which can be imported into LibreOffice Base.

This method successfully transfers the file to Base but the file cannot be edited in Base and needs to be transferred back to Calc. Not really the solution I was looking for.

I don’t have a solution either. This shows why storing data in proprietary formats always sucks. This is true now, and was it 10 and even 20 years ago.