INR symbol in 18.10


I am not able to use Indian Rupees (INR) symbol in 18.04. Earlier Right Alt + 4 would do it for me. Any fix available ?


Hold down CNTL-Shift and tap U, let up on Cntl-Shift, then type hex code 20b9, then press the Enter key. You get ₹.


₹ confirmed in my 18.04 in case that helps :slight_smile:


Did you try the standard procedure?

Add English (India) with Rupee Symbol keyboard and set it as primary.
Restart/log out from the system.
Use Ctrl+alt+4 or AltGr+4 or Right Alt key+4


I had to change the keyboard to en1 which English ( India ) on the task bar. I am not sure using 20B9 helped, but it is working fine for me now. Thanks.