'install-snap' change is blocking installation

I’m unable to install Audacity from the Snapstore. A message “install-snap” change in progress pops up. This was seen while trying to install Audacity via snap in the Terminal also.

which version of linux mint are you using?

Linux mint version 20.

did you already install snapd?


Yes. … (What is this nonsense of 20 characters?)

best that i can tell the 20 character minimum is set by the discussion board/software.

did you run these commands before installing snapd (from here)?

sudo rm /etc/apt/preferences.d/nosnap.pref
apt update

if so can you post the terminal output you get (including your install command) after you try and install audacity?

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I think I did. But after reading that paper on snap I’ve decided not to use it. Thank you.


happy to help :slight_smile:

audacity does have a flatpak package available:

as well as a regular package in the repos:

edit: apologies for the late edit :grimacing: it just occurred to me to check the repos

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Yes. I downloaded it from the software manager but it’s not recording. Though it’s playing pre-recorded audio files.

which version? flatpak or repos? did you try the other?

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The flatpak version. The repos one is 2.3.3.

Ok. The problem was with my sound settings. I’ve solved it. Anyways, thanks for your help and that info on snap. Looks like I’ll have to look around for some really free, user-friendly Linux OS.


glad you got your sound situation sorted.

some entirely free options: https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.html

but from what i have seen “user-friendly” often circles back around to wanting access to some or all of:

nonfree applications, nonfree programming platforms, nonfree drivers, nonfree firmware “blobs”, nonfree games, and any other nonfree software, as well as nonfree manuals or documentation.

good luck on your search :slight_smile:


Thank you. …