Installing Veyon in a Flatpak OS


How does one install Veyon in a flatpak environment. There is no flatpak version of this app and I would like to install it in Endless OS. Thanks.

Thanks but that link does not show you how to install Veyon in a Linux OS that utilizes FlatPak.

Yes, it does. You aren’t forced to use FlatPak. Package managers usually are helpful but never mandatory. Theoretically, you could install everything by hand, using no package manager, at all.


Have you used Emdless OS before? If no, install it and follow the steps in that link and revert with your results. If yes, kindly state exactly what version of Endless OS and Veyon you are using. The Endless OS team itself says i can only install flatpak versions of Apps.

I have used plenty of Linux distributions and know how Linux works. As Endless OS is based on Linux, I do not have to revert to Endless OS specific knowledge, but to my Linux specific knowledge which Endless OS is inevitably part of.

If you can open a terminal and e.g. become root in that terminal then you will always be able to install anything without any package manager. I think you misunderstood the Endless OS team, as I cannot imagine they would tell anyone that it’s only possible to install FlatPak apps, as this is simply completely untrue for any Linux distribution that allows you to open a terminal and issue commands in it.


Unfortunately, you cannot install Linux apps directly from the internet - you can only add apps that are already in our App Center, and that are based on Flatpak.

I have tried installing Veyon as root…it didn’t work…that is the very reason why I asked the question here…Does anyone know how to install Veyon on Endless OS and not just any Linux…Even Flathub that builds flatpak apps says they are not sure how it can be done and to seek from other sources/forum. If you really think Veyon can be installed on Endless OS by just being root why don’t you try it out since you use various Linux OSes and provide me your succesful steps?

Perhaps that means it is meant to be used offline. In this case, you can download the binary on another computer, put it onto a USB stick, then transer it through this stick onto your Endless OS.

However, if it is possible for you to use the internet on Endless OS, then you can still

The thing with root was just an example. You don’t need root to install any program non-globally (for yourself, only).

I wanted to try it out, but Endless OS virtual machine images are only based on ovf which is incompatible with Hyper-V. Then, I wanted to install the normal Endless OS in Hyper-V, but it didn’t boot. That’s why I couldn’t make a video of a Veyon installation.

Here are the steps I would do, if the Endless OS installation would’ve succeeded for me:

  1. Download the Veyon binary.
  2. If none of the binaries fit my distribution, I would compile Veyon from source.
  3. To install the program locally, I would put the compiled binary in a common binary folder like ~/.bin or something similar.
  4. I would make sure all necessary runtime libraries are installed, in case Veyon is not an all-in-one binary (i.e. without statically linked libraries).
  5. Assuming ~/.bin was already added to PATH, I could run Veyon probably by typing veyon in the command line.
  6. In case of further issues, I would refer to the manual.

However, if Endless OS is truly that restricted, I doubt if you could even get the development dependencies on your Endless OS, since I doubt they would be part of the App Centre.

In that case, you need to know the architecture of your Endless OS computer and then cross-compile on another Linux system to that architecture.

Or better yet: Install the packaged Veyon from the release page on Github e.g. on Debian and put all the binaries that the deb package installed onto your Endless OS, in the same folder structure.

This way you can use Veyon and any other Linux program on your Endless OS machine.


You should request Veyon to be put into Endless OS’ App Centre, then all the fun described above could be skipped. :wink:

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He can do this.
It will surely work