Interacting with samba clients on network

I started using Ubuntu with a windows network and wanted to share data and files with Windows 10 machines, but windows 10 has changed some of the SAMBA attributes lately and I cant figure out how to configure my new Ubuntu install to pull files from windows machines only from my samba share directory. Is there a better configuration guide or how to, I can read?

It probably the SMB version change to V1 by default in windows and changed authentication using NTLM v2 by default .

Solution can be try to update SMB to V2 or above and change the initiated NTLMv2 during authentication in Ubuntu Machine.

Yes, I just found a Tech Republic article on the changes you just pointed out, I will have to see if upgrading my samba or changing the package I am using will do the trick. I just blindly reinstalled the old software I was using before without checking to see if it was native in Ubuntu in the latest release and I clobbered it.
Thanks for the update… I will take another look.

This thread may be in help for you:

It’s good to know I’m not alone, this has been driving me crazy. There needs to be a better way to get around this kind of isolation. Thanks!!!

Seems to have been solved on installation of Ubuntu 19.04.


A problem with Samba was mentioned in this month’s Mint Newsletter: I don’t know if any of the information there will help with the understanding of it which I see has been solved and I have marked as solved for you as you may have overlooked doing so @david.bradford. I hope you don’t mind as it is something all tend to forget to do when we’ve been busy with the solution

Thanks for the info I will check into it…