Internal Server Error

I had been using nextcloud with nginx up until today when I am getting “Internal Server Error” whenever I try to access my site.
I’ve searched through some log files (nginx, nextcloud, sql, etc.) but couldn’t find anything obvious.
Mint reports the server is all normal as is php (7.4) and nextcloud.
My update record shows php updated just before I discovered this issue.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

Is it NC version 21? There were some reported issues with the upgrade:

Did you use Docker to deploy NextCloud?

I used linuxbabe’s installation procedures for all of it (LEMP stack).
I’ll need to wait till I’m home to check the Nextcloud version.
It had been working like a fine Swiss watch since installation.
Thank you for the quick reply.

I downloaded the latest version of Nextcloud. Then I renamed the existing /usr/share/nginx/nextcloud folder to old and unzipped the new rev Nextcloud folder to the same directory.
The result was that the blue signin php page for Nextcloud was displayed but it too showed the Internal Server error. The error was only a text message across the blank white page. When I copied the original config.php file to the new nextcloud/config folder and tried it brought me back to the blank page message.

I think I’m on to something here. I found an entry (…Redis not available for local cache…) in the nextcloud log that started showing up at about the time this issue started.

Redis was causing this issue.
When I removed the entry for it’s call out lines in my /usr/share/nginx/nextcloud/config/config.php file it ALL came back like before.
I still don’t know why Redis suddenly started throwing the “…Redis not available for local cache…” errors in the Redis log but I think I can live without it.

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Perfect! Glad you successfully debugged the problem.