Is there a way to rebuild Linux Mint .desktop files from scratch?

Which app generates the Linux Mint menu items and monitors additions and edits to the desktop files?
I would like to recreate the menus from scratch. Any info is much appreciated.

Are you using Cinnamon DE?
If so there are two ways you can do that.

  1. Right click the menu icon and select Configure>Menu tab>Then Menu Editor about halfway down the page that comes up. You can edit any menu Item there.
  2. You can manually edit each .desktop file in /usr/share/applications (Note you have to have root privileges to do that.) And again believe you would have to do it one app at a time.

I’m curious what is it you wish to change about the menu?

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Sorry for the late reply. I expected an email notice. I am using Cinnamon 21.00 DE now, but I posted from 20.3 DE. The issues are similar but there are noticeable improvements in numerous areas in the new version. It helps that it’s a fresh install and not an upgrade.

I am an expert at messing up local desktop files, and I have many Timeshift backups. I don’t want to restore the damaged (by me) files. I am learning how apps create and manage their .desktop files at installation.

This got me thinking - how is it possible to trigger a complete local .desktop file re-generation from the installed apps of the /usr/share/applications .desktop files. There is a cron job which makes occasional rebuilds and modifications, but don’t know which is it yet.