Is there any point in sending do not track requests?

I was watching an excellent BBC4 Documentary on The Silk Road and how the person who was running it was discovered. It was through his IP address. Yes I know that he was using TOR, but before that and even during this time he had a google account and search history. So what is the point of sending out do not track if you can be tracked and traced any way?

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about the only thing do not track requests do is to confirm you running from a valid and live computer.

If you want to avoid tracking the best is a secure VPN.
This is a good article on Current VPN services.


Sorry Dave I forgot to thank you for this reply which I have marked as solved. Thanks for your help:+1:

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Glad to help and Your welcome :slight_smile:


Ok, your problem already solved.
A thing important about TOR browser and ALL the users
of Deep Web ( darknet ) : TOR NOT HIDE your true IP.
These days I was surfing in Deep Web and found a
website that needs login and password for acess.
For fun, I put FAKE login and password, and then
appear a message in my monitor -> "You try access
with wrong login and password, your tentative has been
captured with your IP ( XXX - XXX …) That was my LEGITIME IP !!!
My java was disabled, and the TOR currently version.Then caution
for ALL, your legitime ( true ) IP can be rastread even using Tor browser.


Although I have marked this as solved, your insight here is very helpful and a welcome addition as there are a lot of myths about TOR. I was watching a television documentary and it mentioned it on there (this was after I had posted this thread) and it pretty much said what you are saying. Even if you are using it, it is not as hidden as you think or believe it is.

So thank you for your personal insight on this.


This statement is most of the time wrong.

These are ways to view your real IP address when using Tor:

  1. Classic Man-in-the-Middle attack.
  2. You browse unencrypted sites using protocols such as HTTP.
  3. You have JavaScript enabled and the site you are browsing uses it maliciously towards you.
  4. You fiddled around with Tor Browser and messed up its settings.

If these three things don’t apply to you, there is no way to detect your real IP address through Tor.

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Well actually the documentary I saw showed you to be incorrect on this. It didn’t show how it was done only that it was done and being done all the time to get those who use it for illegality.

Using one of these methods, yes.

I don’t honestly know. You probably know more than me. I think the point it was making was that anything could be opened by various means. Which more or less is in line with my original question is there any point in sending do not track requests, because it seems not really.

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Well friend, I’m not novice in computers.
I follow all recommendations for use of Tor browser.
Including javascript disabled, noScript enabled,
browser windows in size default, no replace idiom.
and even so my true ip was captured, for who not believe, patient …

So I guess there are still 2 possibilities of exploitation left.

Phew Akito! Thanks Akito - I was getting worried. :scream_cat:
I am replying from live install of Tails 3.5 64bit which offers Tor with addons instaled like NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere etc and thought I was pretty safe? Thanks - Andy