Issue with my GRAPHICS CARD

I have a very oldd graphiccs caardd of NVVIIDIA 210 !1GB I think
so this caardd fan is running in my pc but when i connect with moonittor

then NO VISUUALS oon screen

ii dont know whatt to do!! is theree any drriveer to bee innsstalled ? or mmyy graphics card haave isuee?
give me soomee suggestions

this throungh which i am uusing now with internall motheerboad graphics

soorry for typing mistake
myy new keybooard is oon wayy tto be deliveereed :sweat_smile:

What Distro are you using?

linux Ubuntu 20.04

thanks in advance :sweat_smile:

go to a terminal and type this command sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall when that is finished reboot and see if itโ€™s working.

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If thereโ€™s an integrated video too on the motherboard, possibly it is better to disable it in BIOS.