KDE Neon rolled back a kernel. Is this normal?

I installed KDE Neon (based on Ubuntu LTE) in a spare partition to try it out. So far, very appealing!

But a most curious thing happened. Last week, I was surprised to see the kernel version at 5.19, while the Ubuntu kernel is currently 5.15. But it worked well, so why complain?

Then, just yesterday, I updated and autoremoved, and lo! and behold! kernel 5.19 headers were removed! I rebooted, and now the kernel is back to Ubuntu-normal, 5.15

Is this normal? Does this happen on occasion? Or was it a slip-up to give me kernel 5.19 last week?

BTW, I am enjoying KDE Neon a lot, if anyone needs a reason to try it out.

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I think autoremove will remove inactive kernels, but this was far from inactive as you were booting it.
You could probably reinstall it, then do update-grub to make it active, then see what happens at next autoremove.
I think the issue might be that your grub is configured in your main linux, so there is no grub.cfg in Neon, so it does not know what kernel is active.