Linux commands compared to Windows commands

Hello all, I am using ubuntu 18.04. When I use Thunderbird mail I get ‘paragraph’ rather than ‘body’ text spacing. I do remember somewhere not so long ago a chart that listed windows-linux-osx commands in a box. The thing is this, I find plenty of ways to get into body text but it always seems to refer to Windows instead of Linux. For example: Menu>Options>options etc. I wonder if some kind soul could send that list of different commands that convert the Windows options to Linux options so that I may change the setting for good. Thanks all,

In Thunderbird, Preferences/Composition gives an option to Use Paragraph format instead of Body Text by default and seems to assume I want to use plain text for outgoing emails.

I just leave that box checked and operate with the defaults. It’s worked for me for years.
Exactly what are Windows options?

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Hello berninghausen, thank you for your reply
this seems to be the answer I was looking for. The stuff I got from Google was (as usual) related to doing things in Windows, makes life a bit hard when you specifically state that you are using Ubuntu. The way I noted in my question was from Google, I know at one time someone somewhere put out a list of commands in a table. It related the difference in Windows, Linux, and I think OSX. I cannot find it anywhere. Again I thank you for your help.

Rodney Jackson.