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Hi, I am a bit of a noob to the Linux world and was wondering if is there any official Linux Merchandise that you can buy? The one I found is called and looking at the merch I’m not sure if it really official stuff from Linux Foundation.

If that’s the Linux Foundation you want, then the store should be legitimate.

For example, to contact them about stuff on the store, you have to mail a e-mail address:

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I’m really not into merch, I haven’t got even a single sticker, neither Linux nor Star Trek or anything else, but I just realised, ItsFoss doesn’t have a merch store. @abhishek - You should definitely print some mugs or stickers. I’m sure, some people would buy them.


We did consider having a merch store a few years ago. But it’s a complicated affair.

International shipping is expensive. It increases the cost of the products dramatically.

We cannot manage the inventory on our own, specially for international shipping.

The only option remains is dropshipping but then I am not sure about the quality of merchandise. I would prefer our merchandise to be affordable and of good quality. It makes no sense to charge $30 for a t-shirt with shipping extra or $20 for a single coffee mug.


I buy stickers in the “UNIX Stickers” pack from Sticker Mule… Always been good service reliable delivery … blah … blah … until just recently…

I ordered a double order of their “Ultimate” pack of UNIX stickers… They’re good quality… There’s quite a few I don’t use, e.g. Ruby, and GoLang gopher critter… I also don’t use the Tux logo sticker, because I kinda hate Tux, aesthetically, its a VERY ugly design, can’t put my finger on it, but something to do with the big body, and huge forehead… There are better penguin logos out there (I guess there’s a trademark on the Penguin publishing logo)…

But only one pack arrived… and worst? I got an email saying it had been delivered, but didn’t actually get anything in my letterbox till about 3 days later, by which time I’d already lodged a complaint…

So - anyway - Sticker Mule are resending the 2nd pack I was supposed to get, but - the lead time is a PITA - i.e. four weeks delay…

So - my laptops (Macbook + Thinkpad) are covered in OSS (yeah kinda ironic on a Mac, I know) stickers, little disto logos (the Macbook has a “Powered by FreeBSD”), a big GNU sticker, and the ThinkPad a big Ubuntu sticker… I also ordered, separately, a bunch of stickers with the old Silicon Graphics “Clover Leaf” (via a reputable store on e-bay).

If you put " linux merchandise shop " in Google you find some