Looking for a simple rtf file thumbnail or viewer

I’ve been using a journal/diary app for years but it’s designed for Windows. Keeping it working in Linux via WINE is becoming more of a problem than it’s worth. Every time wine is updated I spend a couple of days fighting to figure out what broke.

I can export the entries to individual files but finding what I’m looking for is a problem. I have thousands of entries. Has anyone come across a “file viewer” that would allow me to peek at previews similar to a photo viewer without having to open dozens of files?

There are file manager that deliver previews for text based files. I think it was Dolphin or Nautilus, but I don’t remember. I’m sure it is the default file manager for KDE, though. So might look in to that one.

You could try



LibreOffice writer

Just wanted to post an update. I eventually found a solution that works. The file manager Nemo has a previewer plugin that can be easily installed in the Synaptic package manager. It works for text files, PDF documents and photos. With a tap of the space-bar a window opens with a preview large enough to read. The only thing I wish for is being able to scroll through the files as a photo viewer can.

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